With the continuous introduction of new technologies into the design and onboard equipment of offshore assets, classification societies must be alert and proactively develop rules and standards for their implementation.

As an owner or operator, you want a classification society with a global presence that responds quickly to your needs. One that has world-leading expertise and high-tech tools to help manage your asset through design, commissioning and operation.

We constantly update our classification rules, guidelines and notifications to reflect changes and evolutions in technology and input from the oil and gas sectors. We also help to develop and review international standards and legislation around the world. Our rules ensure new technology is fit for purpose and operates in compliance with the highest HSE standards.

We can also inspect and survey in-service units to ensure they continue to comply with our rules and remain 'in class'. Our certification that a unit meets our rules for its class is the best assurance our customers can have of its safety and operability.

Our extended classification services include:

  • Mobile offshore drilling units, construction and support services.
  • Floating production systems such as FLNGs, FPSOs, FSOs, FPUs, Spars and TLPs.

When you choose Lloyd's Register as your classification society, you agree to build and maintain your offshore unit in compliance with our rules. We work with you to review the design and engineering for a new construction or modification project for compliance. During construction and commissioning, we monitor progress, conduct inspections, and offer guidance when required, to ensure the rules are being followed and applied correctly.

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