Independent verification and validation

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We provide verification and validation services that allow you to guarantee that you are meeting the highest safety measures.

As an independent third-party we provide both verification and validation in accordance with the necessary local regulations. Ensuring that safety critical systems and equipment are:

  • are designed and built to required standards, criteria and legislation
  • are built according to a structured development process; and
  • have been tested at designated checkpoints to show they have achieved a specified quality level.

Our services include:

  • acting as the Certified Verification Agent (CVA)
  • independent monitoring, evaluation and verification
  • independent project verification schemes
  • verification of offshore installations.

Our verification and validation services provide you with the best possible assurance that your offshore equipment performs safely and reliably. We have experience in over 1,000 major global offshore projects and in choosing Lloyd’s Register you are assured of an experienced, independent service that provides:

  • Practical experience and expertise in all aspects of the strategic and operational management of safety, reliability, business and project risk.
  • Access to independent multi-disciplinary teams with competence across all aspects of design, construction, risk management, monitoring and inspection for pipelines in all environments, both onshore and offshore, out to the most extreme depths.
  • In-depth knowledge of specific regulatory regimes (UK, North Sea, Australia).
  • A tailored service to provide a cost-effective solution focused on your concerns to enhance your project.
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V-Connect is an online software application that allows you to view and manage the data relating to the Verification of your offshore assets.