People, systems and equipment assessment

Maintaining an efficient operational standard is a balancing act between people systems and equipment.

A competent, safe and competitive drilling asset operation has the right balance between people, systems and equipment. We can help you to optimise the way in which these three critical elements interact.

During drilling operations you are faced with the challenge to work efficiently and safely – not just today, but also in the long run. With the increasingly more complex operations and systems of today, it is a challenge to strike the right balance between business risk and operational targets, especially with regard to the integrity of well control equipment operations.

The balancing act

This picture illustrates the three aspects, which are critical to your operation: people, systems and equipment against the background of a continuous improvement process ensuring operational integrity of drilling assets.

Drilling - Inspections, surveys and assessments - People, systems and equipment assessment - Venn diagram

“Must have” relates to e.g. regulatory requirements, organisational requirements or client requirements.

There has to be a balance between these three aspects and the attention they receive, for instance a brand new rig with an incompetent crew will not achieve its targets. Just as a brand new rig with a top-range asset management system and competent crew will not work either if you do not utilise all three aspects in the right manner.

Our senior consultants can provide you with a gap analysis of the risks in terms of these three elements, to give you a clear picture of the actual operational integrity of your company and / or your contractors and how this can be improved.

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