SEMS Audit Protocol Pack

As the leading independent third-party in asset integrity and maintenance management, our extensive knowledge, combined with our experienced and qualified personnel, can help you assess and manage your SEMS plan.

The Lloyd’s Register SEMS audit protocol pack assesses and helps you manage your SEMS plan in order to ensure compliance with government regulations. The audit protocol pack provides a comprehensive audit of the 13 elements of your SEMS program to evaluate compliance with the requirements of 30 CFR 250 Subpart S and API RP 75 to identify areas in which safety and environmental performance needs to be improved.

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The audit protocol pack consists of a number of component documents, including:

Audit questionnaire

The audit questionnaire addresses the 13 elements of your SEMS program and consists of questions distilled from a combination of:

  • API RP 75,
  • 30 CFR 250 Subpart S,
  • Current regulatory compliance information from BSEE.

Pre-audit questionnaire

The purpose of the pre-audit questionnaire is to encourage the operator to collate specific SEMS information to ensure that relevant documentation, records and personnel are identified and available or notified to be available when the audit commences.

Auditor checklists

Comprehensive checklists supplement the audit questionnaire and have been compiled by Lloyd’s Register subject-matter experts. This ensures each of the 13 SEMS elements can be assessed to sufficient levels of detail.

Audit plan

BSEE requires a written (SEMS) audit plan be compiled and submitted 30 days prior to a formal SEMS audit. The audit plan template compiled by Lloyd’s Register includes all of the following required elements specified by BSEE, and detailed in API RP 75 Section 12.4:

  • Audit objectives and scope;
  • Audit criteria;
  • Identification of the audit team;
  • Identification of the facilities to be audited;
  • Identification of the program elements to be audited;
  • Procedures to be used in the audit;
  • Confidentiality requirements;
  • Report contents and format, expected date of issue and distribution of the final report.

Independent third-party pack

The independent third-party pack (I3P) details the specific requirements necessary for Lloyd’s Register SEMS auditors. This includes training, qualifications and experience of management systems auditing, offshore oil and gas and sulphur operations, offshore regulatory and SEMS requirements.

It is intended that the I3P pack is supplied to the client for review and acceptance prior to forwarding an audit plan to BSEE. The I3P pack can then be supplied to BSEE with the audit plan for endorsement.

Audit report

The final audit report in the Lloyd’s Register SEMS audit protocol pack includes the SEMS audit findings, and other required elements detailed in API RP 75 Section 12.7, including:

  • Identification of the facilities audited.
  • Identification of the program elements audited.
  • Summary of objectives and scope of the audit.
  • Criteria against which the audit was conducted.
  • Period covered by the audit and the date(s) the audit was conducted.
  • Identification of the audit team.
  • Statement of the confidential nature of the contents.
  • Distribution list for the audit report.
  • Summary of the audit process, including any obstacles encountered.
  • Audit findings and conclusions, such as whether the program element(s) is properly implemented and maintained.

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