Technology Radar - Low Carbon

February 2017

This is the third year LR has conducted its award-winning Technology Radar research. Whilst earlier editions have focused on the oil and gas sector, this time around, the research concentrates on the low carbon sector, with particular attention to nuclear and renewable energy, energy storage and infrastructure.

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Technology Radar - Low carbon - Cover - 612x866

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Technology Radar - The nuclear perspective - Cover - 612x866

Respondents were asked to rate a number of technologies in terms of their potential impact, the amount of time it would take for these technologies to hit the market, and how likely they are to be adopted once they do. They were also asked on reflect on the pace and success of innovation in their sector - and what they see as the major drivers and blockers. From their responses, and insight from a number of leading industry experts, a number of key findings have emerged.

The research is presented as a set of two reports: the Lloyd's Register Technology Radar - Low Carbon (which provides a comprehensive review of the findings about renewables, nuclear, energy storage and infrastructure) and its sister report, the Lloyd’s Register Technology Radar - A Nuclear Perspective (which offers a closer look at the findings as they relate specifically to nuclear power).

We hope you find the research interesting, inspiring and valuable. As always, we welcome your feedback.