LRCCS Competent Manufacturer Certification

Manufacturing flexibility, global scope and end-user supply chain assurance - the hallmarks of the LRCCS Competent Manufacturer Scheme.

The LRCCS Competent Manufacturer Scheme is an audit of a manufacturer's ability to make offshore containers and accessories in accordance with specified regulations and product standards.

The scheme is based on the concept of control of manufacturing quality by the manufacturer to a recognised quality assurance standard. This gives owners and operators confidence in the quality of their supply chain.

Companies that are certified to the Competent Manufacturer Scheme want to:

  • Prove to their customers they can produce equipment to the specified standards and regulations
  • Ensure their products can be used globally
  • Improve their flexibility and competitiveness in the marketplace

Once certified, LRCCS Certified manufacturers are able to produce a specified type of container or piece of equipment using the inspection of their own trained quality personnel. This gives them more flexibility in their production and inspection schedules.


Companies certified to the LRCCS Competent Manufacturer scheme undergo a combination of onsite inspection and documentation reviews. All reviews, inspections and audits are performed by LR surveyors who have experiencing inspecting that type of equipment. Manufacturers must have:

  • A quality manual and ISO 9001 certification
  • Quality management representatives and personnel
  • Internal quality audits
  • Purchasing controls to ensure supply chain assurance
  • Manufacturing and process controls
  • Welding procedures and qualifications in accordance with appropriate standards

Once certified, LR surveyors conduct periodic surveillance checks, as well as conduct a re-certification process every three years.

Competent manufacturer certificates are issued to individual manufacturing sites.

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