Remote Interactive Vendor Assurance (RIVA)

Gain more visibility of your vendors using RIVA: Remote Interactive Vendor Assurance

Unknown and unmanaged quality issues can have severe impacts on your project’s cost and schedule. Our approach to vendor assurance gives you confidence that your vendor meets your requirements and expectations - including their quality management system, suitability and safety of their premises, procurement processes, material handling and storage, workmanship and their capability and capacity to deliver. 
 View this video to see the RIVA concept in action:
RIVA combines our vendor assurance expertise with interactive audio/video streaming
  1. You can schedule a vendor audit conducted by one of our independent, expert LR inspectors.
  2. We’ll ‘dial in’ your key management and project stakeholders, connecting them to our inspector who is on-site - all using simple and secure audio and video streaming technology.
  3. In real-time, our inspector will broadcast what they are assessing - allowing your stakeholders to get involved and interactive during our audit. 
  • Save money, time and travel – by (co)-witnessing our vendor assessments, we can reduce the amount of time and travel your staff need to undertake.
  • Get real-time feedback and results – having the results of a vendor audit in real-time allows you to adjust the scope to deep-dive into operational issues.
  • Improve your audit evidence trail – your stakeholders have real and indisputable footage of the vendor, the process, the equipment and the results.
  • Be flexible in scope – whether it’s a safety tour, a spot audit, nonconformity follow-up or a real-time root cause investigation, RIVA is flexible to your needs.
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