ASME Sec VIII - Div I (design workshop) training for India

Course objectives

This course is designed to train individuals who are interested in seeking a better understanding of design by formulae using ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1 Code. The delegate receives instructions as well as insight into the intricacies of "real world" situations. Practice exercises are designed to gauge delegates’ proficiency and understanding of the material.

  • Shells and Heads under internal pressure
  • Shells and Heads under external pressure
  • Stiffening Rings calculation
  • Flat Heads – bolted type
  • Flat Heads – welded type
  • Openings and compensations
  • Large openings
  • Bolted flanges
  • Coincident pressure calculations
  • Forming strain calculations
  • Adequacy check of standard flanges/couplings

Cost (INR)