PED training for India

Course objectives

This course is to provide participants with an opportunity to gain a comprehensive appreciation of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED now 2014/68/EU). This course will cover the legislative requirements and the reasons for them. It will also provide practical interpretations and examples. Delegates will have the opportunity to practise key elements of the application of the PED through group exercises and discussions. The course covers:

  • Description of EC Directives formulation, purpose and structure
  • Scope and definitions in the Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Classification requirements
  • Demonstration of a simple Product Classification
  • Example classifications of Assemblies
  • Conformity Assessment selection and methods
  • The role of the Notified Body in Conformity Assessment
  • Description of Essential Safety Requirements (ESR's)
  • Example interpretations of the ESR's for different design codes
  • Description of purpose, contents and format of the required Technical documentation
  • Requirements for CE marking
  • Introduction to PED Guidelines
  • The changes between the 1997 and 2014 versions of the PED

Cost (INR)