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Lloyd's Register Consulting (formerly Scandpower and Lloyd's Register ODS) is part of the Lloyd's Register Group, with offices in over 250 locations globally. For more than 40 years we have assisted Norwegian companies in the oil & gas, chemical and processing industries, transport and power sectors reduce risk and manage safety, improving their overall operations.

We have six offices located throughout Norway: Kjeller, Sandvika, Trondheim, Bergen, Stavanger and Sunndalsøra in order to effectively meet your needs no matter where your operations are located.

You can find out more about our services below:

Risk-based management

We assist in preparation and quality of a structured and documented management system for effective risk management and risk control.

Example services:

  • Hiring of HSE / SHA personnel to both project and operational organisations.
  • Hiring of security managers and RAMS advisors.
  • Hiring of quality advisors to a number of sectors.
  • Audits and reviews of safety and emergency system.
  • Qualitative and quantitative risk such as QRA, HAZID and HAZOP.
  • Preparation of safety documentation to authorities.
  • Preparation of environmental risk.
  • Independent project reviews (UPG).
  • Contingency analysis - plans and continuity planning.

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Engineering Dynamics

We perform technical assessments to identify problems before they arise. When things do go wrong, we offer in-depth failure analysis to identify the cause and help find a suitable solution. Through our commissioning support and field surveys we provide technical continuity across various project phases and connect design and construction with maintenance, operations and decommissioning.

Examples of services:

  • Fluid Dynamics: CFD analysis, turbo-machinery performance studies, reservoir and well flow simulation, subsea multiphase machinery analyses, heat exchangers stability assessments, gas turbine exhaust analyses
  • Rotor dynamic analysis: bearing analysis (active / magnetic), machinery vibrations, torsional and lateral vibrations, predictions and measurements 
  • Noise, vibration and acoustics: measurements, predictions and design of mitigation solutions
  • Structural analysis: dynamic and static, strength and stress levels, vibrations, high-cycle vibration fatigue, low-cycle thermal fatigue, structure-borne noise
  • Electro-mechanics and control: interaction between electrical and mechanical systems, reliability analysis and monitoring support 
  • Field and laboratory measurements: material testing, condition monitoring
  • Pipeline studies: vortex- and acoustic induced vibrations, pressure pulsation and noise emission
  • Failure analysis: troubleshooting, root cause analysis
  • Underwater noise: prediction and measurements

Find out more about Engineering Dynamics. 

Technical safety and consequence modelling

We have broad experience with consequence modelling to determine potential outcomes of undesirable events. We also have significant expertise in applying probabilistic modelling to quantify the risks associated with these events.

Examples of services:

  • Consequence modelling and probabilistic modelling of adverse events.
  • Structural analysis, such as how structures are affected, and the development of structural failure through dynamic fatigue. 
  • Analyses and studies related to technical safety.
  • Calculations and simulations related to fire, explosion and gas dispersion.

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Operating - and maintenance optimisation

We offer a wide range of services and analyses to meet challenges in reliability, regularity and uncertainty.

Examples of services:

  • ISO 55000 standard advice, such as gap analysis;
  • Reliability and SIL studies;
  • Data and uncertainty analyses;
  • Wrong Mother and efficacy analyses (FMEA, FMECA);
  • RAM and resource performance.

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Software for risk

We specialise in the design and implementation of advanced risk analysis tools geared towards oil and gas, power generation, marine and rail.

  • Risk Spectrum
  • BlowFAM
  • BOP risk model.

Find out more about our risk analysis tools and software.

Technical work environment and human factors

We offer a number of analyses and services for assessing the technical work environment and human factors in the workplace. Our services assist to improvement related to competency assurance, safety culture and organisational development.

Examples of services:

  • Technical Working investigations and inspections;
  • Working Studies;
  • Human factor analysis.

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We offer training in our disciplines, based on proven methods, case studies and a creative thought process. Courses are held by experienced and dedicated lecturers. Please contact us for more information about courses that cover your needs.

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