UK Service Charter

We are extremely proud of our service standards and our brand reputation. Thanks to feedback from customer satisfaction surveys, client forums and ‘one-to-one’ meetings, we believe that we continue to maintain our reputation by meeting your expectations.

We take your feedback very seriously and while we are pleased to say that the vast majority of the feedback is positive, nevertheless we, like you, strive for continuous improvement. To achieve this we actively seek constructive criticism but recognise that it is not so easy to flag up issues and concerns unless the standards are defined and against which actual performance can be compared. To that end we have developed a set of service standards for all of our inspection and certification clients.

The standards to which we commit are as follows:

  • Attendance within 48 hours of request
  • Design Appraisals completed within 10 days (unless otherwise stated or agreed)
  • Certificates issued within 4 days of inspection
  • Invoices issued within 5 days of certificate

We will seek to achieve these service standards as a minimum, and we will expect your feedback if for any reason we should fall short of these standards or of your expectations in relation to any other area of our service delivery to you.

If you have any feedback on our commitments, please email us at