Subsea oil and gas production is a technology- oriented business, and specialist subsea consulting firms are focused on “hard” technologies. They lack expertise in the so-called “soft” areas that are so important to managing assets, whether above or under the water. Without best-practice asset management, the technical advantages of expensive, exotic hardware are unlikely to make the contribution to the bottom line that you were promised - having a detrimental effect to your offshore production.

New Build and Construction Subsea Services

At Lloyd's Register we provide design appraisal, fabrication and construction, installation and commissioning, and the ongoing operational monitoring and equipment inspections of subsea installations such as FPSOs, offshore platforms, semi-submersibles and subsea installations. We also supply independent compliance services that allow our clients to meet national and international codes and standards and/or their own specifications requirements.

Our verification services to sub-sea installations include: 

  • Certification to Canadian offshore regulations and, 
  • Classification services for classed units e.g. MODU’s and semi-submersibles.

Subsea Inspection Services 

LR Subsea Inspection Service helps you cost effectively inspect your assets, and optimise your maintenance and inspection projects. Focussing on what needs to be inspected, and eliminating activities that do not fulfil safety requirements, production or profit objectives. 

Our in house inspection experts deliver subsea inspection services in the form of project management, consultancy, client representatives, data processing and data management expertise to support ROV and diver activities, on pipelines, cables, subsea structures, platforms, floating installations and associated mooring systems.  

For more information see our Survey, Subsea Inspection and GeoEngineering services. 

Why Lloyd's Register?

There are many benefits which can be obtained from our services, these include: 

  • Ability to safely extend the life of your subsea assets beyond the original design life 
  • Confidence in the safety of your subsea assets 
  • Documentary trail that demonstrates compliance with regulatory requirements 
  • Enhanced return on your investment 
  • Improved ability to meet your business objectives 
  • Improved reliability and income 
  • Optimised inspection, mitigation and repair costs 
  • Reduced system and equipment failures 
  • Systematic, managed approach to subsea repairs and replacements