Ballast water management

When the IMO’s Ballast Water Management Convention enters into force it will impose a number of requirements on ship owners and operators, and more recently the USCG has also introduced regulations. For many ships the most practical way to comply with these new regulations will be to install a ballast water treatment system. However other alternative compliance options may be suitable for certain ship types and trades. Our consultancy services and online guidance can help you understand the regulations and support you in deciding how best to respond.

Your challenge

The uncertainty in knowing when the regulations on ballast water management will enter-into-force and how to plan for it mean it is difficult to make decisions to prepare your ships ahead of compliance. To add to this, for vessels which trade in US waters, there are requirements to comply with US national regulations on ballast water management.

Our capability

Our technical knowledge and experience working with the different technologies available and alternative options being developed ensure that ballast water management solutions are tailored to your ships’ operational requirements.  In addition, our in-depth knowledge on the legislative and operational aspects of ballast water management, our industry leading publications and our classification and statutory expertise, means our advice is up-to-date appropriate for your situation.

Our solution

We can help you prepare for complying with the BWM Convention and other national requirements through advice on your obligations, as well as planning, selection and execution of the ballast water management solution that, minimises your investment risk and is right for you. In addition, we recognise the importance of ensuring that you have the necessary knowledge ahead of compliance which is why our training courses are tailored to your situation and we provide guidance which is freely available on our website.

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