BS 25999

What is BS 25999?

BS 25999 (Business Continuity Management) standard was issued in November 2007. It provides framework for assessing, planning and testing your contingency plans which helps build organisational resilience.

It was developed by a team of industry experts, including LRQA representing the interest of certification bodies, and was issued in November 2007. In 2006 this was the fastest selling standard on the market.

What can BS 25999 do for you?

Assessing, planning and testing your contingency plans will reduce the impact of any potential disruption to working practices and service/product delivery.

Using industry best practice guide as a foundation, the standard has been introduced specifically to enable you to understand, develop and implement a structured and formalised Business Continuity Management system which will help minimise risk and so the chance of disruption to your organisation. Should the worst happen, a good Business Continuity Management system will aid effective and prompt recovery afterwards, so helping protect market share, reputation and brand.

Implementing a BCM gives your organisation specific benefits such as:

  • increased resilience when faced with organisational threat
  • improved competence to maintain critical business services through action plan rehearsal
  • enhanced capability to handle disruption and protect brand reputation when integrated with business planning.

For your consumers it provides:

  • confidence and trust in your brand because you are using a consistent, standardised and robust method to assess, monitor and reduce your business risks.

Who can use BS 25999?

BS 25999 can be used by any organisation that wants to ensure they are prepared to reduce and recover quickly from potential risks which may affect their business.

LRQA Services

An independent assessment from LRQA will enable you to demonstrate to stakeholders that your business continuity capability is appropriate to the size and complexity of your organisation.

We offer a full range of services to help organisations meet the requirements of BS 25999 including Business Continuity training, Business Continuity gap analysis and BS 25999 certification.

Certification - We can provide assessment and certification to BS 25999 

Training - that will help you understand how to implement BS2 25999 into your organisation. 

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