SA 8000

What is SA 8000?

Social Accountability 8000 is an assessment and certification standard; it is based on international human rights conventions that focus on improving working conditions. It was developed by Social Accountability International (SAI).

What can SA 8000 do for you?

It helps you with the effective use of systems for managing social accountability.  You can demonstrate to your stakeholders that you are accountable and responsible

Who can use SA 8000?

Companies and their supply chains that want to demonstrate that their workers are being treated fairly and humanely.

Note: The SA 8000 standard excludes Myanmar and the maritime sector from SA 8000 certification. However Lloyd's Register will provide global maritime labour inspection and certification services to the shipping industry in accordance with international standards set by the ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006.

How can LRQA help?

We can assess and certify whether you meet the criteria for SA 8000. Certification from LRQA will demonstrate your commitment to social compliance and continual improvement.

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