Approved Manufacturers Scheme

The Approved Manufacturers scheme contributes a key role to the success of our reputation for quality

What is our Approved Manufacturers scheme?

The approved manufacturers scheme provides manufacturers with recognition for the standards of their products which, in turn, benefits their clients.

Indeed in the construction and repair of ships, other marine structures and associated machinery, which are classed or certified by Lloyd's Register, only materials produced by an approved manufacturer can be used. 

The materials must be manufactured, tested and inspected in accordance with the Rules for Materials. Materials are to be made at an approved manufacturer and this approval is specific to product, category, grade and dimensions detailed shown on the approval certificate issued to the manufacturer. All mooring chains, fittings and anchors also have to be tested at a recognised proving establishment.

How does Lloyd's Register help?

The lists of Approved Manufacturers and Proving Establishments are available on our web site on ClassDirect Live. Each firm's entry also contains contact details. The email and web links are active to give potential clients quick access to the manufacturer.

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