Approved paints, resins and associated materials scheme

Our product approval schemes play a key role to the success of our reputation for quality

What is Lloyd's Register Approved paints, resins and associated materials scheme?

The approved paints, resins and associated materials scheme provides manufacturers with recognition for the standards of their products which, in turn, benefits their clients. All non-metallic materials used in the construction and repair of Lloyd's Register classed or certified ships, other marine structures and associated machinery, must be approved or recognised by us.

How does Lloyd's Register help?

All these materials are subject to approval in accordance with Lloyd's Register Rules for Materials.

We maintain lists of materials meeting these requirements in the following categories:

  • coatings: including prefabrication primers, corrosion control coatings, and maintenance coatings for seawater ballast tanks.
  • construction materials: including, polyester resins, glass-fibre reinforcements, carbon and para-aramid reinforcements, core materials for sandwich construction, adhesives/bonding pastes, chocking resins, synthetic rudder and pintle bearing materials.

To access these lists in Class Direct click here.

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