ATEX 95: Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres


What is the ATEX 95 directive?

94/9/EC defines the requirements for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.  In order to sell such equipment within the European Economic Area, manufacturers must prove products meet the requirements of this directive.

General requirements include appropriate dimensions to enable the equipment to be positioned in a way that avoids chain reactions and the ability to continue functioning in the event of a power failure or other outside interference.  Certified products must also meet essential health and safety requirements that apply to their specific type and purpose. 

What does the directive cover?

The directive covers equipment that is intended for use in an explosive atmosphere, and any related safety equipment that may be located outside of an explosive atmosphere.  Examples include pressure-relief systems, explosion supression systems and explosion decoupling systems.

Our services

Whether you are inside or outside the European Economic Area, we can certify your products to be compliant with ATEX 95 using our wide network of trained explosion specialists.

Acting on behalf of the Lloyd’s Register Group, Lloyd’s Register Verification has been appointed as the Notified Body for 94/9/EC.  Our notification includes all modules, for a discrete range of products. 

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