Quality Schemes for machinery, materials and hull construction

As a manufacturer, you need confidence in your final product but will want to ensure that the costs of manufacture are kept down.

Lloyd's Register's Quality Schemes are designed to give you confidence in your final product at least equivalent to that obtained from traditional survey techniques. Our direct involvement and thus your surveying costs are reduced, and the Schemes have therefore proved to be very cost-effective for series manufacture of materials, products and equipment.

What are Lloyd's Register Quality Schemes?

Lloyd's Register Quality Schemes provide you with an alternative to traditional survey techniques utilising quality principles for the certification of machinery, components, materials and hull structures.

They enable you to assess a product's quality during manufacture through a combination of product and system monitoring and quality assurance principles.

The Schemes currently available cover:

  • machinery and component manufacture (QAM)
  • materials and components manufactured at approved works (QA)
  • hull construction forming, fabrication and block assembly (QAH).

What are the benefits?

Our Quality Schemes provide manufacturers with many benefits for series manufacture of materials, products or equipment, such as:

  • improved delivery schedules
  • confidence in product quality
  • reduced manufacturing costs
  • streamlined processes
  • access to worldwide marketing opportunities via our website.

How do I obtain Quality Scheme approval?

Once you have made an enquiry we:

  • review the information you submit relating to your product, manufacturing equipment and process, test facilities, staffing, sub-contractors and quality manual
  • assess your works to examine in detail all aspects of production and, in particular, the arrangements you have in place for quality control
  • issue a quality assurance approval certificate, which is valid for three years and renewable, subject to satisfactory performance and re-assessment every three years
  • enter your company name in the approvals list on our web site.
  • During the period for which your certificate is valid, we visit each approved works to verify satisfactory maintenance of the approved system.

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