The impact of the BWM convention on the yachting industry

05 June 2016

With only 0.13% of the global tonnage required to meet the entry in to force criteria, the IMO Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention will have an impact right across the yachting industry. 

New projects and existing fleet designed to use disposable ballast will be affected. Designer, management companies and captains shall be aware of the implications.   

According to the convention 'Ballast Water' is defined as water with its suspended matter taken on board a ship to control trim, list, draught, stability or stresses of the ship. If the yacht in question is using water for this purpose (whether it is fresh or not) and it is being discharged to the marine environment then it needs to comply with the regulations. In case of  a pleasure craft used solely for recreation or competition or craft used primarily for search and rescue, less than 50 metres in length overall, and with a maximum Ballast Water capacity of 8 cubic metres, then the regulations do not apply. 

LR has been working on solutions for ballast water for over 15 years and can provide assistance for you to understand and plan your compliance.  
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