Cyber-enabled yachts

According to the CEO of Accenture, “Digital is the main reason just over half the companies on the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000. With the rapid pace of technology development, the yachts of the future will undoubtedly be designed, operated and managed differently. One could even wonder if the future is now. Deploying information and communications technology is a relatively new approach to quality, safety and business assurance in yachting. 

A cyber-enabled yacht will consist of multiple, interconnected systems. Prescriptive approaches to risk management are not suitable.  Instead, a 'total systems' approach is required, taking into account all systems on board and – critically – on shore, how they are designed and installed, how they connect, and how they will be managed. 

There are many benefits provided it is properly controlled and managed. Using sensors, connectivity and data technologies one can manage and optimise a yacht’s and fleet’s safety and performance. It may seem daunting but LR is at the forefront of this technology and can assist you with all aspects of cyber.

Download LR’s guidance on cyber-enabled ships now at It addresses the criticality of ensuring systems will be connected and integrated; it focuses on managing systems that should not need humans to function; it assists in ensuring that the ship will always operate safely while connected externally; it provides guidance on managing the integration of systems, coding for safe operation of the integrated asset; looks at data assurance and, very importantly, cyber security.