Disruptive technologies: The power of curiosity and connectedness

How can we find the next wave of disruptive technologies?

Technological innovation will shape the future evolution of the oil and gas sector, some incremental, some disruptive. This panel discussion between John Wishart, Director of Lloyd’s Register Energy, Neil Kavanagh, Chief Technology Officer at Woodside Energy and Denis McAuley, Director of Longitude Research and formerly of the Economist Intelligence Unit discusses Woodside’s and industry’s approach to innovation.

Discussing the search for the next wave of disruption, the panel described how curiosity can drive growth and innovation for organisations. Through a new leadership paradigm that gives permission for free-thinking about what’s possible, people have the drive and freedom to innovate.

This series of videos is part of an ongoing programme of research and dialogue which began with an impartial survey of over 250 professionals and experts across the sector. Download our Oil and Gas Technology Radar report

To share and explore the research findings, we initiated a global programme which has so far included briefing events in London, Houston, Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Perth. These conversations have been written into a series of whitepapers that you can download here