Whitepaper: Evaluating the impact of extreme events

In the wake of the Nuclear Power Plant event in Japan in March of 2011, the atomic energy community sought to review their approach to comprehensive safety assessments of nuclear power plants (NPP’s) with a specific focus on how to evaluate the robustness of the existing nuclear power plants in terms of design features and procedures against the impact of extreme events.

This whitepaper provides an insight into the work we have undertaken in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA), Norwegian government funded project into developing risk models that evaluate the impact of extreme events on nuclear power plants. 

With a focus to further develop the assessment approach, we devised a new method and software application that assists in evaluating the impact of extreme events on nuclear power plants. This approach; Fault Sequence Analysis (FSA), utilises the output of a Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) along with design deterministic parameters namely, operability limits of the facilities structures, systems and components (SCCs) to assess the results of hazardous events as well as combined extreme events.

To find out more about risk modelling for extreme events and our Fault Sequence Analysis software, you can download our whitepaper here. 

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