Whitepaper: Maximising the value of your subsea pipeline data to achieve inspection efficiencies

Subsea pipeline white paper thumb28 June 2017

Traditional pipeline inspection reports tend to provide a snapshot of pipeline components and reported anomalies. Viewing the component in isolation, with no reference to historical or adjacent inspections, leads to a repetitive year on year approach to the inspection cycle, delivering inefficiencies in both time and cost.

Optimising data in a coherent and structured manner so that subsea inspection programmes can be determined based upon timely and specific requirements, can significantly reduce inspection costs and provide efficiencies in your subsea inspections.

Our whitepaper identifies:

  • How better data utilisation and smart data can help optimise subsea inspections
  • Four steps to maximising subsea pipeline data
  • How to ensure safer, cost effective operations by combining subsea information
  • How better data mapping can assist in optimising pipeline inspection planning

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