Portable Printing: How do you ship a factory?

msis-isp-2016-shipping container-02Additive manufacturing (AM) has already revolutionized the area of industrial design and prototyping. Could replacement parts be next?

For the marine, mining, and offshore oil and gas industries where access to replacement parts becomes a challenge, onsite additive manufacturing could significantly reduce expensive downtime. 

Lloyd’s Register believes that shipping containers are the logical choice to hold a self-contained remote AM facility. They’re large enough to hold most equipment required for manufacture of parts, they can be easily connected to a power source, produced to be fire-resistant and durable to extreme conditions, and of course, they’re very portable.


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Adding value to the AM Industry

Inspection - AM Guidance Notes 306x172Lloyd's Register helps manufacturers provide confidence in the safety of Lloyd’s Register helps manufacturers provide confidence in the safety of additive manufactured parts through its certification framework, “Guidance Notes for Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Parts.” This document details how LR helps clients demonstrate this through the application of evolving standards on AM. We also help set the requirements to prove equivalence with existing manufacturing methods, codes and standards.

Download your copy and discover other AM resources at www.lr.org/additive-manufacturing.