Rig reactivation workshop identifies best practice for decommissioning

11 May 2017

LR hosted its first rig reactivation workshop, bringing together experts from KCA, Taqa, BP, ConocoPhillips, Total, EnQuest and DecomNS. The discussion focused on bringing existing mature asset infrastructure up to today’s required standards to effectively facilitate the decommissioning process.

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Steve Gilbert, VP Operations and Decommissioning, Lloyd's Register, said: "Reactivating a drilling package for decommissioning isn’t a straight forward process. Drilling packages that have sat idle for years will undoubtedly exhibit low reliability and high none productive time (NPT) when reactivation is attempted if extensive preventive maintenance and preservation processes have not been maintained. Aligned with the issue of reliability, it is likely that re-certification of equipment hasn’t been undertaken, the drilling contractor has changed and equipment history lost.

"Competence and knowledge also effects successful rig reactivation. Maturity of the asset and crew turnover leads to lost or insufficient working knowledge of the asset. Not only do these issues pose a major safety risk component, but delays to the decommissioning project and related economic impacts will be inevitable.

"The objective of the session was to identify lessons learnt and examples of best practice. As an industry we can start to identify cost effective, common approaches to rig reactivation for plugging, abandonment and decommissioning."

Discussion points included:

  • Can timely desktop planning to review maintenance logs, equipment files and third party inspection requirements ensure the project is completed on time and within budget?
  • Are the disadvantages of reactivating existing packages overcome by mobilising modular drilling units or deck packages?
  • Can the re-activated infrastructure accommodate the requirements of the decommissioning programme? i.e. surface handling of contaminated fluids/solids, laydown areas for tubulars etc
  • Has any modification to the platform caused direct or indirect impact on the reactivation of the drilling package?
  • Will all equipment or systems within the drilling package be required to be reactivated for decommissioning?
  • Could more efficiency be released through rig mobilisation and P&A campaigns?

If you’d like to be part of the next workshop, please contact katie.begg@lr.org

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Decommissioning services for oil and gas

The move from late life management to the decommissioning of assets can be a daunting prospect, requiring robust planning. Lloyd's Register can help you navigate the complexities of this stage of your operations.

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