The key to innovation in oil and gas? Bringing knowledge together.

Although there is little doubt that innovation is central to the sustainable growth of the oil and gas sector, there is less certainty around the most effective route to successful development and deployment. As part of a programme of research into this topic, we hosted a panel discussion with John Wishart, President of Lloyd’s Register Energy, Neil Kavanagh, Chief Technology Officer at Woodside Energy and Denis McAuley, Director of Longitude Research and formerly of the Economist Intelligence Unit.

In this clip, John Wishart describes his vision of open collaboration. He says, “The problems we face are bigger than single company issues and we've got to take this collaborative view - looking at multiple organisations where you can get that expert knowledge to bring to bear to problem solving and technology development. Everyone has a part to play and the key part's going to be bringing those bits of knowledge together and project managing that knowledge.” 

This programme of research and dialogue commenced with the Technology Radar report, an impartial survey of over 250 professionals and experts across the sector and was followed by a series of global briefings in London, Houston, Singapore and Perth. You can download whitepapers from this series here.

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