LR innovation seminar

Date 03/11/2015 - 03/11/2015
Country Netherlands
City Rotterdam
Venue Ahoy Rotterdam

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LR is hosting a complimentary afternoon seminar focusing on innovation. The event will include speakers from the marine Industry as well as an ‘outside’ view on the subject, highlighting developments and future technology as well as providing a differentiated view on innovative thinking.

Please RSVP here by October 27 2015.


Time / Date




Welcome, registration and refreshments



Introduction and safety briefing

Engel-Jan de Boer, Business Development manager, Lloyd’s Register EMEA



Future Operator Experience Concept / OX Bridge Design

Iiro Lindborg, – Development project manager Rolls Royce Marine, Rolls Royce


A view on the next transition of the shipping industry. As cargo ships become more complex and will require high levels of data analysis to operate on-board systems. Also known as ‘future operator experience concept’, the presentation covers the development considerations, including safety and stability of the design as well as the human – machine interface risks and opportunities (human element).


Coffee break


Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)

William Wistance, Lead specialist, Failure Investigations & Laboratory Services, Materials and NDE Marine Technology and Engineering Services, Lloyd’s Register EMEA


A view on the short and longer term possibilities with additive manufacturing, current limitations underway as well as potential impacts to transportation in general and shipping specifically. How might this technology change the way that ships and their components are designed, constructed, certified and classed.


From technology to nature

Koert van Mensvoort, Dutch artist and Director Next Nature Network, Next Nature Network


New technology starts with an idea, imagination, nightmare or vision and can evolve into what we consider to be nature. This presentation explores the conception and implementation of technology into society and where the thinking in objectives may lead.


Q&A session

Engel-Jan de Boer, Business Development manager, Lloyd’s Register EMEA



Network event, refreshments and snacks