BIS Group Forum: 2nd Annual wind power, big data and IoT

Date 30/03/2017 - 31/03/2017
Country Netherlands
City Amsterdam
Venue Park Hotel
Link BIS Group Forum

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The Forum will disclose practical insight for the Big Data management in order to improve the reliability, sustainability and overall performance of wind farms.

LR's Dr Mark Spring will deliver a paper on Virtual sensors for condition monitoring. He will cover:

  • identification of risk-ranking for key failure modes
  • derived health indices for most vulnerable components and sub-systems
  • digital twin for every turbine, based on simulations based on turbine-specific data
  • estimates of accumulated damage, remaining useful life and risk of failure based on combination of statistics, expert knowledge and physics of failure
  • pilot project for operating wind farm (focus on frequency converter, gearbox and pitch system)
  • new models embedded within computerised maintenance management system
  • estimated cost-savings from reduced inspection, prioritised maintenance tasks, optimised inventory of spares and tools