Interferry conference 2016

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Date 15/10/2016 - 19/10/2016
Country Philippines
City Manila
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LR will sponsor the 41st annual Interferry conference in Manila. Find out more about our expertise in the ferry sector on this webpage and in the video below:

Jane Jenkins, LR's Lead Specialist, Passenger Ship Support Centre will be presenting on the topic of 'Challenges and Solutions in Delivering Successful Designs', abstract below:

Today there are very few ferry new construction projects that do not take advantage of one or more of many of the new suite of technologies we have to hand in the marine industry. Some are chosen to enhance the quality of the operational services provided, whilst others are imposed by ever increasing legislation. The defined final product is normally bespoke and subject to a complex set of rules and requirements.

Those owners engaged in these projects vary from huge multi-nationals to much smaller domestic carriers. For these owners there are a myriad of factors that determine who and where their ships are designed and built. Once the decision is made the yard, owner, designer and regulators can be located at opposite ends of the globe. Each of these organisations are likely to have had a different exposure and capability in the international new construction passenger ship market. 

Few owners are able to maintain regular experience in the new construction arena and even for those that do, what was built before is either not appropriate for the anticipated operational profile, very quickly outdated or there is a cheaper option elsewhere. As a class society Lloyd’s Register is in the unique position of participating and supporting many of these projects. From this perspective LR are able to compare where there is common ground for things to go wrong. This presentation will pass on some observations for your consideration and which will aid you in minimising risks for your future newbuilds.

JaneJane J studied as a naval architect and her recent work has focussed on supporting new construction ferry projects over the last few years where development in alternative fuels has become a favourable approach for meeting new and increasing environmental standards. As well as acting as a focal point for both clients and internal support in this area, Jane actively participates at IMO as a technical advisor, in particular with regard to the latest probabilistic survivability requirements. 

If you would like to make an appointment to meet with Jane at Interferry, please email her at