Webinar: Understanding the Total Cost of a Corrosion Issue: Heat Exchanger Failure Case Study

The cost of corrosion runs into the billions for oil and gas operations. Costly issues can arise when just a single piece of equipment isn’t designed to properly mitigate corrosion. Not only is there a need to replace the failed piece of equipment but additional costs can arise from production losses due to shutdown, environmental clean-up, and safety incidents, etc.

Enhancing your corrosion management system will not only result in cost savings but will increase revenue through increased on-stream process time.

Our webinar examines a case study in a Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) facility, which experienced multiple heat exchanger failures resulting from two factors that contributed to corrosion - design (no gas blanket) and operational (low flow conditions).

To accurately compare the financial impact of forgoing vs installing the proper corrosion mitigation measures during design, construction and commissioning, a net present value (NPV) analysis was completed for a couple of scenarios. 

Learn about: 

  • Strategies for corrosion management
  • Net present value (NPV) analysis
  • Designing for corrosion management
Date: 21st June 2017
Time: 10am MDT | 11am CDT | 5pm BST
Type: Webinar
Speaker: Laura Cardenas, Corrosion Engineer, LR
Cost: Free