Winterwind logo - 306x172Come and join us at Winterwind 2015 where we will be on hand to help discuss how we can address your challenges related to the generation of wind power. 

Winterwind is attended by scientists, manufacturers, developers, investors, wind farm owners, and representatives from government agencies from all over the world gather to discuss recent R&D developments, market potential and forecasting related to wind power generation at low temperatures and icing conditions.

On February 4, Helge Ausland Refsum will be presenting the paper “Methods for evaluating risk caused by ice throw from wind turbines", discussing our risk assessment methodology, which allows project developers, installation owners and wind turbine operators to gain increased certainty on the risk level and area affected by the installation of wind turbines in cold weather environments. 

Please get in-touch if you would like to meet one of our experts or discuss any particular issues relating to your project.