Updated RulesCalc software now available

RulesCalc Offshore software provides a simple solution to the complex task of assessing compliance on offshore assets.

The updated software helps increase the efficiency of your offshore asset design process and significantly reduces workload.

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Lloyd's Register Energy today released updates to its RulesCalc Offshore software. The RulesCalc software is designed to ensure that floating assets are optimised to Lloyd's Register Rules for Offshore Units. It enables the user to verify Rule compliance, pinpoint Rule failures and identify areas of concern where design modifications that may be required.

RulesCalc Offshore was first launched in 2013. The 2015 update enables you to do the following with increased ease and efficiency:

  • Verify Rules compliance
  • Track down Rule failures
  • Rapidly identify areas of concern where design modifications that might be required

"We are excited to release our new version of RulesCalc Offshore. The update provides an enhanced approach to hull design assessment, one that delivers significant reduction in design time and cost,” said Sean van der Post , VP Projects for LR Energy. “The software is in an easy to use format and requires minimal data input. The fast calculations provide confidence that the classification aspects of your offshore asset’s design are right every time."

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Pricing and availability

The RulesCalc Offshore software can be easily downloaded from the RulesCalc Offshore page on our website. In order to use the software you will need to purchase a licence, this can be done on LR's webstore, the licence fee is £3,999 GBP. We also have a user guide that will help you to get the most out of RulesCalc Offshore and the updated features. This guide provides the information you need to quickly gain confidence in using RulesCalc Offshore to ensure that your design meets the requirements of the Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Offshore Units. Links to purchase a license and download the user guide can also be found on the RulesCalc Offshore page.

20151210 - Energy News - RulesCalc Offshore Updated - Interface 2

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