20 years in petrophysics recognised by the Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society

01 December 2016

Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society logo - 306x172Ed Downer, Discipline head of petrophysics at Lloyd's Register (LR) has been elected as President of Aberdeen Formation Evaluation Society (AFES), the Aberdeen Chapter of the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA).

Downer is an ambassador for Petrophysics and is responsible for delivery of the technical programme for the MSc degree in Petrophysics & Formation Evaluation from The University of Aberdeen, a degree programme aimed at people from a scientific, mathematic or engineering background, who wish to progress into a petrophysics role.

LR and The University of Aberdeen fused their long standing respective technical expertise and highly regarded academic credentials, to develop this prestigious programme to help address the recognised shortage of skilled petrophysicists in the energy industry, with the objective to produce practitioners for the future.

"It is the knowledge, skills, experience, attitudes and behaviours used to develop tomorrow's expertise in Exploration and Production that will help improve operational excellence in any business recruiting in the sector in the future," said Downer.

Advocating use of education and training to help with the integration of new thinking professionals in to the world of Exploration and Production has been at the core of Downer's professional interests. His recent industry discussions include a focus on emerging education needs to help increase engagement of education and training with universities.

"AFES is actively involved in the promotion for the public benefit, education and knowledge in the scientific and technical aspects of formation evaluation. I am delighted to be elected as President and will seek to progress the good work already achieved by the Society as well as further our member's ambitions to support the upcoming generation of new petrophysicists at a critical time in the oil and gas industry."

AFES focuses its financial sponsorship of education at the three main Scottish universities which teach petrophysics and formation evaluation, namely Heriot Watt, Robert Gordon and Aberdeen universities.

Over the years, AFES has donated thousands of pounds to these establishments for equipment and research, and have supported a number of student forums, field trips and equipment requests.

"We encourage students to attend our meetings to keep in touch with their training and knowledge needs. Our monthly meetings, one day seminars and Annual DEVEX conference provide opportunities for industry professionals to broaden or refresh their technical skills, and are pitched across the full spectrum of petrophysics abilities with presentations from world experts to ‘beginners guides," says Downer.

AFES continues to address the increasing education needs of industry professionals and support the teaching of the next generation of oil and gas professionals from Bursaries to MSc and partial PhD funding.

"The success of AFES in accomplishing these objectives is thanks to the involvement and support of its members, colleagues and the companies who attend our events."

Downer says that he will use this new position to promote the links between research and practical application, an area that the LR Foundation also considers to be extremely important, as evidenced at recent LR Foundation lectures, which aim to connect science, society and safety.

Downer works in the petrophysics team of LR, the global engineering, technical and business services organisation with a 255 year legacy in safety and risk management. He has a keen interest in understanding and supporting the technical drivers in Exploration and Production to improve operational excellence and safety for clients of LR, and with the upcoming generation of a new breed of petrophysicists.

Downer is also a member of the Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA). Founded in 1959, SPWLA provides information services to scientists in the petroleum and mineral industries, plays a major role in strengthening petrophysical education, and strives to increase the awareness of the role petrophysics has in the oil and gas industry and the scientific community.

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MSc Petrophysics and formation evaluation

This prestigious programme has been developed by Lloyd's Register and the University of Aberdeen to help address the recognised shortage of skilled petrophysicists in the energy industry. The objective of the MSc is to produce practitioners for the future and is aimed at people already working in a scientific, mathematic or engineering environment, who wish to progress into a petrophysics role.

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