Blow-out Preventer Risk Model nominated for prestigious EIC Supply Chain Excellence award

London - 15 August 2013

We are very pleased to announce that our new Blow-out Preventer (BOP) Risk Model has been nominated for the EIC Supply Chain Excellence award. The annual award recognises an EIC member organisation that has demonstrated superiority within the energy supply chain and is due to be announced on 10 October this year.

The BOP Risk Model is designed to improve the current methods of modelling the performance and assessing the risks related the BOP. This is achieved by assessing the associated risks in an unbiased fashion using regulations, specifications and operational procedures to provide a comprehensive analysis on whether to pull or not to pull, saving operators both cost and Non Productive Time (NPT).

Click here for more information on the BOP Risk Model.

To find out more about the EIC and our nomination, click here.

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