Changes to the way LR rules are published

In preparation for the delivery of our new Rulefinder system later this year, we’re making some changes to the way in which we publish our Rules.

From July we will no longer be producing PDF versions of our Rules. Instead, all our Rule sets will be produced directly from Rulefinder and will be available to download in a Microsoft Compiled HTML Help file format (.chm).   

What does this mean for me?
It means that the digital versions of the Rules will look different but you can be confident that you are always viewing the most up to date published version of the Rules.

Why have we made this change?
This change takes us one step closer to replacing our current Rulefinder system later this year which will improve the way in which we publish and update our Rules.

The new format will enable you to search and cross reference making it quicker to find the information you need. You can also view these new files from any smart device (phone or tablet) making it even easier to access LR Rules.

How do I access the Rules?
Individual sets of Rules can be downloaded in the new .chm format from our website at If you’re using a mac, linux, smart phone or tablet you will need to download a .chm viewer to open the files. These are readily available from apple, android and windows app stores.

However, the best way to access all LR Rules in a single place is directly through Rulefinder. Rulefinder provides a single ‘source of truth’ for the latest versions of the Rules and enables you to easily search and cross reference across different Rule sets. It also contains Statutory documents such as IMO resolutions and consolidated versions of conventions and codes.

If you have any questions or need support please contact