First Eleven steps to a safer aviation industry

London - 18 June 2013

We are very pleased to have taken a lead role in the first public promotion of a new maintenance human factors (HF) guidance document for the aircraft design industry titled: First eleven – design organisation guidance for delivering enhanced human performance in maintenance.

The paper was developed in conjunction with the HFG:E, and launched at their annual conference, held recently at Cranfield University, UK.

Douglas Owen, LR Consulting Principal Consultant, has led the development of the First Eleven with the HFG:E. The guidance was developed over several years, with industry engagement from airframe and component manufacturers, HF consultancies, air accident investigators and regulatory bodies. It is a set of practical and pragmatic steps to enable aircraft design and supplier organisations to deliver safer, more effective and reliable aircraft through improved design for maintenance. Starting with foundation activities, the First Eleven helps organisations identify and address the barriers to effective maintenance HF integration in design.

The full document is available for download here. Alternatively you can view the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Human Factors site here.

You can also read Douglas’s latest blog here.

For further information on please contact Douglas Owen

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