Why LR Marine's Consulting makes the difference

21 January 2014

A new Lloyd’s Register service that offers clients an extra dimension to classification and risk assurance.

At LR Marine we pride ourselves on our expertise in all the key sectors and technologies of the shipping industry. However our clients aren’t always aware of the true breadth and depth of our experience and knowledge and our insight into topics they might not normally associate with a Class Society or regulatory body.

This is where LR Consulting comes in. After a marked shift in economic and trading conditions in the past five years, our client companies are clearly prepared to challenge the status quo and operate at a more strategic level than ever before.

In delivering our services to clients, we work in a collaborative manner with them to develop and support their business goals and to ensure that the best technology of today is suitable for the demands of the industry tomorrow and beyond.

Or service involves taking an holistic approach to an individual client’s problem – seeing the bigger picture and then using our skills and resources to find a solution. It could be about improving the fuel efficiency of a vessel, alternative fuels, technology and the human interface or developing a commercial case for innovation and investment.

It’s assurance with a difference – an innovative approach to technology, engineering and delivering better performance.

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