LR announces second ‘Big Question’ winner

31 August 2016

At Posidonia earlier this year LR launched its 'Big Question' interactive campaign, using a digital survey to look for insight into the challenges facing the marine industry. We received hundreds of 'Big Questions' and have chosen three worthy winners of Garmin Vivoactive smart watches.

Following the first winner being announced last month, LR recently welcomed the second winner to their Hong Kong office – Ashoke Dey, Deputy Managing Director, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement. He was presented his prize by Jim Smith, LR’s North Asia Area Manager. The ‘Big Question’ Ashoke asked was: “With AI and robotics with big data analysis being touted to takeover running of ships in future, where will we find the crew to troubleshoot or operate on board?” 

Ashoke Dey
Ashoke Dey (left) receiving his prize from Jim Smith

Joseph Morelos, LR’s Technology and Innovation Strategic Marketing Manager, provided a brief answer to Ashoke’s question: 

“AI/machine learning/big data analytics, resulting in advanced predictive health monitoring of the equipment, machinery, systems, vessel, fleet has the potential to revolutionise the concepts of safety and availability in the marine industry. Robotics such as inspection drones will perform complimentary roles, augmenting the productivity and awareness of the crew rather than replacing them.  

“The constructive development of AI and robotic technologies (consideration of human centred design principles being an important criterion) should match the skill sets of the crew, empowering them and boosting overall morale and performance.  Practically, this means that the crew will have access to comprehensible tiers of analytics (baseline GUI results + depth contingent on his interest) in the event of investigating a specific maintenance action delivered by the AI/big data analytics. 

“But in no circumstance should the crew be involved in rectifying/modifying the analytics.  All actions and directives from the analytics should have a certain confidence attached to them validated as part of robust validation and verification scheme of the overall big data analytics program.”

Ashoke responded to Joseph this with a further comment:

“I think taking it logically, someone needs to take it up in IMO to include such training in  IMO Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch-keeping for Seafarers, 1978 (STCW Convention) to ensure the highest standards of seafarer competence so that they can run such ships of the future. Or else we will have advanced hardware but no people to work with it. Also reading from other sources, I understand such ships of the future are initially envisaged for ferries on fixed runs in some places of Europe. For that there would be Type Rating Certificate for masters and deck officers working in regional passenger ferries in accordance with the International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft (HSC). The Type Rating Certificate is route and craft specific and is valid for 2 years subject to renewal. Such training also needs to be accommodated as a pre requisite for such certification.”

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