PhD student wins DANSIS Graduate Prize 2013

London - 4 October 2013

Max-la-Cour-ChristensenMax la Cour Christensen, Industrial Ph.D. student working with the Copenhagen Fluid Dynamics team, has been awarded the DANSISMax la Cour Christensen (The Danish Society for Industrial Fluid Dynamics) Graduate Prize 2013 for his thesis on Nonlinear Multigrid for Efficient Reservoir Simulation.

The subject of the thesis is a thorough investigation of the application of nonlinear multigrid techniques, specifically the Full Approximation Scheme (FAS), for simulation of subsurface multiphase porous media flow.

The main motivation for addressing this topic is a need for higher resolution and efficient simulations leading to better decision making in the production of oil and gas. Higher resolution simulations require efficient utilisation of many-core parallel architectures.

Current numerical methods employed in industrial reservoir simulators are memory intensive and not readily scalable on large-scale distributed systems and modern many-core architectures such as GPUs or Intel MICs.

You can download this thesis here.

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