LR issues ‘Quality Assurance Scheme for Machinery’ to Wärtsilä Engines

08 September 2016

LR recently issued the ‘Quality Assurance Scheme for Machinery’ (QAM) to Wärtsilä delivery centre Trieste for the manufacturing of internal combustion engines.

The QAM, framed under the IACS Unified Requirements Z26 as ‘Alternative Classification Schemes’, represents a special inspection and approval regime which enables Wärtsilä, as an engine manufacturer, to reach a higher flexibility stage in issuing components and product certificates, in compliance with LR’s testing and inspections rules and requirements.

LR and Wärtsilä have started a very successful collaboration, extended to part of its supply chain, in order to build and further optimise a dedicated quality assurance scheme for machinery. 


The certificate was issued following ten months of co-operation, where the parties developed a sustainable scheme, applicable to reciprocating internal combustion marine engines approval. 

With this recognition, LR authorises Wärtsilä’s delivery centre in Trieste to perform certain internal testing, inspection and certification activities under an alternative approach for product assurance, which is envisaging less direct inspection activities from LR surveyors, in preparation of the final validation (Factory Acceptance Test).

The formal ceremony was held at SMM in Hamburg on 8 September, where Ulrich Forster, LR’s Marine Global Technology Leader, Material, Components, Equipment and Systems, presented the certificate to Stefano Furlan, Wärtsilä’s Classification Compliance General Manager (pictured above).

Stefano Furlan commented: “We are very satisfied on how the project was managed together with Lloyd’s Register, and furthermore we are glad to be the first Lloyd’s Register customer awarded under the new approach of product assurance following the PLA framework. What we have started is surely the first concrete step towards an even more adding-value service that class societies are delivering as an operational model to their customers. Machinery equipment manufacturers are welcoming any support on improving the processes as moving from a ‘direct inspection’ regime towards a ‘product quality assurance’ regime represents. As always, win-win solutions are the most rewarding. Based on the expected success of the implementation, as soon as the Wärtsilä -QAM will reach the operational implementation at our delivery centre in Trieste, we are evaluating the opportunities to replicate the same conceptual model in other factories.”