Shipping risk - knowing the odds

26 October 2012

Shipping risk – knowing the odds. Keynote speech delivered by Richard Sadler, CEO Lloyd’s Register, to the Lloyd’s Market Association

In a stirring keynote speech at the annual Donaldson Lecture to the Lloyd’s Market Association last night (25 October), Richard Sadler, CEO Lloyd's Register examined the strategic role shipping plays in support of the global economy, the value it provides to society, and the consequences that will arise if the UK government fails to treat the maritime supply chain as critical infrastructure.

"I am in a privileged position. I have access to senior government officials, business leaders and academics worldwide.

"My organisation’s primary role is to minimise operational risk and improve safety for stakeholders across many business sectors; so we have a unique view on the world and the critical infrastructure that supports society. Most importantly, I have no shareholders beyond those who govern my Foundation and who kindly allow me to speak freely about my views on the future of society, government and role of business. During the next 40 minutes, I hope to stir passion, debate and even disagreement."

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