Asset management in the Middle East

The Middle East oil and gas sector has a significant number of aging assets, an unprecedented volume of assets and increasing pressure on complex infrastructure, making it harder to manage the integrity of equipment and assets across the entire lifecycle. Similarly, the utilities sector is confronted with optimising asset operability and value, amid rising power and water consumption.

Are these operational challenges forcing you to pay closer attention to your cost base, in the pursuit of short term survival and long term success and sustainability? Effective risk based asset management is critical to help you make best use of available resources, enhance production and plant availability by up to 20% and reduce costs by up to 25% by extending the life of your assets, modifying maintenance regimes, changing process and getting more from less. Demonstrating effective risk based asset management will also help you secure investment for enhancement and attract reduced insurance premiums.

Join our free webinar to find out how you can enhance your approach to Asset Management by managing your operational risk more effectively, enhancing asset integrity and eliminating low value activities.

Date: 17th November
Time: 11am – 12pm / 7am
Type: Webinar
Speaker: Chris Knowles, Vice President, Asset Management Consulting, Lloyd’s Register Energy
Cost: Complimentary
Weaknesses in the overall approach to asset management can lead to wasted resources through inappropriate maintenance or poorly targeted inspection. Identifying the right timing for asset replacement or asset repair, whilst considering production needs, resource availability and regulatory drivers, will improve cost effectiveness. 

Learn how you can simultaneously:

  • Increase reliability and uptime
  • Improve safety 
  • Reduce operational costs and associated risks
  • Identify and eliminate low value activities
  • Identify, prioritise and manage risks in your business 
  • Identify the critical assets and processes that need priority
The webinar will cover:
  • What’s required to develop and implement a robust Asset Management system
  • An overview of ISO 55001, the international standard for Asset Management
  • Best practice asset management examples
  • The critical questions every asset manager should be asking and ultimately answering 
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