New understanding ballast water management series

15 October 2012

‘One stop information shop’ includes an online comparison tool and a list of the available technologies

Lloyd’s Register’s new Understanding Ballast Water Management Series introduces a range of tools and technical guidance to help operators make informed decisions that meet compliance with forthcoming requirements of the IMO’s Ballast Water Management Convention.

With legislation pending for the commercial fleet, the new series of resources will help operators to review the technologies and understand the risks and processes associated with integrating ballast water systems with the operating systems on their ships.

“Ballast water management is one of the big challenges that shipping faces. It’s now about understanding the risks associated with the technologies and choosing the right treatment,” said Katharine Palmer, Environment Manager, Lloyd’s Register. “The resources we are providing help to narrow down the suitable options for individual operators. Our Ballast Water Treatment Technologies Guide provides all the technical parameters of available technologies so that operators understand issues such as space and power requirements.”

The series includes:

* How to Comply with the BWM Convention
* Ballast Water Treatment Technologies Guide
* Ballast Water Treatment Selection Tool -- an online comparison tool to assist with the selection of treatment systems
* Full regulatory guidance, model plans and approval requirements

The Understanding Ballast Water Management Series can be found here:

For specific technical enquiries, speak to your local Lloyd’s Register office, or email:

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