Major first for China as wind turbine manufacturer is certified for its focus on zero work injuries

25 October 2017

Through working with Lloyd’s Register (LR), SIEMENS-GAMESA is now the first wind turbine manufacturer in China to be certified to provide Global Wind Organisation (GWO) Basic Safety Training (BST) training.

The GWO’s BST framework GWO was used by LR to assess SIEMENS-GAMESA’s approach to achieve a safer work environment.

The certificate was presented at SIEMENS-GAMESA’s Tianjin Training Centre, which is now authorised to provide safety training to other companies in China to help reduce risks for employees working in the wind power industry.

BST has helped many companies in the wind industry to achieve higher levels of competence in safety training and emergency procedures. A thorough assessment of a company’s approach to BST and how they respond to hazards can lead to certification, which provides a gateway for companies to become registered as a competent operator under the GWO’s membership scheme.

An assessment of potential hazards can include:

  • Manual handling
  • Fire awareness
  • Working at heights
  • Sea survival
The end goal is to verify that an organisation can consistently deliver training for its own employees, or to other company’s employees, to the relevant GWO Standards that are set by its members. This approach helps to develop common industry training and best practice processes on health and safety, and reducing risks.

Safety is the “number one” priority for companies operating in the global wind industry, and the GWO strongly supports a network of wind turbine owners and manufacturers that collectively share the same level of competence for an injury free work environment.

The certification process was performed by experts in LR’s management systems business and from its technical ‘know-how’ in low carbon power generation. The collective approach by LR and GWO are creating leaders in the renewable energy industry that provide cleaner, more reliable and safer energy to society, with lasting value for all stakeholders.

Jason Knights

Head of External Communications and Media Relations, Energy

Oil and gas, nuclear and renewable energy

London, United Kingdom

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