Collaborative software tools to enable more confident decision making - IP™ & IC™ 2018 from Lloyd’s Register

10 October 2017

Lloyd's Register (LR), the leading provider of engineering and technology-centric professional services, today announced the coordinated release of its industry-leading well data interpretation tool, IP™ and its powerful subsurface data storage and visualization package, IC™. The combined power of IP™ and IC™ offers a comprehensive solution for multi-disciplinary teams. Giving petrophysicists advanced tools for log interpretation, combined with the ability to seamlessly correlate and map results at field or basin scale, creating a powerful canvas for collaborative work across sub-surface teams.

Enhancing your IP™ workflows

LR has developed numerous enhancements for everyday and advanced workflows in IP™ 2018. These include updates to NMR, Acoustic Processing, Saturation Height, Image Analysis and Production Logging.

IC™ 2018 Powerful tools for your multi-disciplinary team

Featuring new Ternary Plots and Drafting toolkits, IC™ 2018 provides greater confidence to any interpretation using well-data. The improved User Controls, new direct Feedback form and additional IP integration builds on the strong communication toolkits available for any multi-disciplinary team.

Flexible Licence Management

The release also introduces the new common licensing system from LR called LiMBR which provides a more reliable, flexible licence management system with powerful reporting tools.

Confident Decision Making

Derek Crombie, VP Software & Product Development commented; "The combined release of IP™ and IC™ 2018 shows the commitment of LR to continue to deliver flexible, collaborative software tools, giving our clients greater visibility and control to enable more confident decision making. Our expertise continues to differentiate us. LR's great people offer openness and collaboration to develop deep science technologies and tools to meet our clients sub-surface challenges."

Why not see for yourself the powerful enhancements we have made to IP™ 2018 and IC™ 2018?

Jason Knights

Head of External Communications and Media Relations, Energy

Oil and gas, nuclear and renewable energy

London, United Kingdom


IP™ software helps you determine the amount of hydrocarbons in your reservoir.


IC™ is a powerful software tool used to store and visualise well data