Mamdouh El-Shanawany appointed as Vice President Nuclear

London - 24 September 2013

To further strengthen Lloyd’s Register’s position and capability within the nuclear industry, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Mamdouh El-Shanawany as Vice President Nuclear for the Energy business.


Mamdouh's role will support our organisation’s global nuclear assurance programme benefiting nuclear plant operators, builders, owners, and regulatory authorities as growth in nuclear power generation increases demand for technical assurance and safety.

Mamdouh brings a wealth of experience from the nuclear sector and has for the last year worked as Nuclear Technical Director at Lloyd's Register. He is also Professor of Nuclear Safety, Centre for Nuclear Engineering, at the Imperial College, London University.

Based in London, his internationally respected nuclear safety expertise will lead our ambitious technical support programme for countries expanding its nuclear programme, and those who are seeking nuclear energy for the first time.

Prior to joining Lloyd’s Register in June 2012, Mamdouh held the role of Head of Safety Assessment Section, the Division of Nuclear Installations Safety at the IAEA, where his responsibility of the Safety Assessment Section was to strengthen Member States’ capabilities in effective safety assessment of nuclear installations worldwide. Before joining the IAEA, Mamdouh was working for Her Majesty’s Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, where he was responsible for managing, assessing and formally agreeing and accepting the Licensees’ arrangements and safety cases for operating plants. In the early nineties he was a Senior Nuclear Safety Specialist, Directorate of Safety Analysis and Assessment, Atomic Energy Control Board, Canadian Government. Before moving to nuclear regulation, Mamdouh spent 20 years in the design, development and operation of Nuclear Power Plants. Mamdouh has published over 30 technical papers at international conferences and in journals and more than 40 reports dealing with both technical and management of safety. He is a member of the IAEA team awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize for Peace.

“Industry is growing more complex,” said Mamdouh. “Demand for safe and sustainable energy supply and the introduction of new nuclear reactor designs and plant technology is driving change. Owners, operators, builders and regulatory authorities require independent assurance and verification through the design development and construction phases – as well as in-service. We are focused on verifying safety criteria and performance to work with the nuclear industry and countries looking at new nuclear power generation, to help provide the global independent safety assessment and assurance to make informed decisions. I am looking forward to working with everybody to strengthen Lloyd’s Register’s nuclear capabilities and build a successful Technical Support Organisation (TSO) and services business.”

Nuclear power has a pivotal role to play in tackling the global challenges of climate change, energy security and energy poverty. But the success of efforts to rebuild public confidence and trust will determine its influence. In these activities, there is a vital role for the technical expertise and integrity of independent third-parties such as Lloyd’s Register, who can verify safety reviews and their findings.

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