Download: LR PhD study builds on wind resource modelling knowledge

03 August 2017

LR's Ken Tay has successfully completed his PhD at Nanyang Technological University, in partnership with Lloyd's Register's Global Technology Centre in Singapore.

Dr Tay's project on Large-Eddy Simulation in High Resolution Wind Resource Modelling provides a more accurate simulation of surface winds (also called coastal Low-Level Jets). This method enables realistic high resolution predictions for wind resource studies. Presenting the research, he said: "I believe that renewable energy technologies such as wind power are critical for curbing carbon emissions and combatting climate change. This work seeks to help improve offshore wind harvesting."

LR established the Singapore Global Technology Centre (GTC) in 2012 to advance technical innovation in the energy industry and support economic growth in the region. In collaboration with businesses, academic institutions and public research & development agencies, we focus on research programmes that we believe are critical to safety in the energy and marine sectors. Central to the success of the Singapore Global Technology Centre is the collaborative research undertaken with industry partners.

As part of this, and to encourage the development of technical expertise and young engineers, PhD students are based at the Centre while they work on research and development projects between LR and Singapore's institutes of higher learning, including National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. Find out more about the Singapore Global Technology Centre and our research projects.

You can download a summary of Dr Tay's research using the form below.

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