Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology receives LR Approved Training Provider certification

The Lloyd’s Register Marine Approved Training Provider Scheme has awarded approval of the Korea Institute of Maritime & Fisheries Technology (KIMFT) training centre and Ice Navigation training courses.

Korea fisheries training
Pictured: Hyung-Taek Jung, President of KIMFT (left) with Iain Wilson, LR's Asia & MEA Regional Marine Manager

KIMFT, established in 1965, has played a leading role in the development of maritime and fisheries industries by educating and training more than one million maritime human resources (maritime technicians and crew).

KIMFT has  also been managing their own technology and training centre in Busan, Korea and provided following major services:

  • Education and training of personnel engaged in maritime, fisheries and other relative sectors, 
  • Service promoting and international exchange of technology related to maritime affairs and fisheries, 
  • Service for the execution of maritime license examinations entrusted by the Korean Government, 
  • Supporting services to the Korean Government on the performance of seafarers policy, 
  • Participation and consultation activities to the Korean Government for IMO sub-committee meeting,
  • Research and development studies on shipping, port operation and fisheries,
  • Education and training of personnel engaged in offshore facilities.
The President of KIMFT, Hyung-Taek Jung, met with LR's Asia & MEA Regional Marine Manager, Iain Wilson and Korea Chief Representative, Soo-Young Lee last month for the presentation ceremony of ATP certificate and plaque at the KIMFT office in Busan, Korea.

Certification to the LR ATP scheme was a milestone for our Institute, KIMFT President Hyung-Taek Jung said; "Having in place an effective and efficient Ice Navigation Course training system and training professors meeting the requirements of our own standards for the operation of our Institute brings real added benefits to the institute and it allows us to be proactive in satisfying upcoming regulations, customer requirements and society’s expectations."

"With accumulated technology, know-how and highly experienced qualified professors, we have been well managing our service to the Korean maritime community. Our technology centre is well equipped with the newest sophisticated simulation training facilities identical to all type of systems onboard vessels."

"With ATP certification awarded by LR to KIMFT Technology Centre, we believe our KIMFT technology and training centre will contribute to global competitiveness in the marine industrial sector in the world and training and resourcing of seafarers with highly qualified and competent ability."

"Gaining accreditation to the LR Approved Training Provider Scheme is one way KIMFT can extend further co-operation and business with LR and we will co-operate to communicate the excellent technology centre, training facilities and training professors of the centre to shipping owners and operators," said Iain Wilson.