LR Consulting appointed Designated Body by the Norwegian Railway Authority

The Norwegian Railway Authority has recently appointed LR Consulting – Energy AS as Designated Body (DeBo) for their national rail network. The scope of work involves verification that vehicles and infrastructure to be used on the national railway network in Norway meet current legislation.

LR’s role of designated body follows similar requirements to the Notified Body (NoBo). However, NoBo verifies requirements in Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) whilst DeBo verifies national requirements. 

This certification process will require the Norwegian Railway Authority to meet the national requirements outlined below:

  • Regulations on vehicles on the national railway network (Kjøretøyforskriften), regulation 21 June, no. 633
  • Regulation on infrastructure on the national railway network (Jernbaneinfrastrukturforskriften), regulation 11. April 2011 no. 388

Following verification the certification will form part of the application for the Norwegian Railway Authority to place a subsystem (infrastructure or rolling stock) into service.

You can find out more about Designated Body and Notified Bodies here. 

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